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Company Product Category Website Country Description Year Status
BearingPoint Software Solutions Abacus360 Regulator Regulatory Reporting Netherlands BearingPoint is a leading provider of... 2016 Category Winner
Duco Duco Cube Regulatory Data and Information Management UK At Duco our mission is to make managing data... 2013 Category Winner
Law of the Jungle Law of the Jungle Marketing General Compliance Australia Law of the Jungle uses advanced technology to... 2016 Category Winner
Privitar Publisher Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity UK Privitar is a privacy engineering software... 2014 Category Winner
REG UK LTD REG Regulatory Change UK REG’s on-line Broker/Agency Management... 2015 Category Winner
ShieldPay Limited ShieldPay – Buy Safe, Sell Safe, Pay Safe Financial Crime UK ShieldPay is a payment service provider and... 2017 Category Winner
Trunomi GPDR Consent & Data Rights Manager Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity UK Trunomi unlocks the power of customer data... 2013 Category Winner
1E Tachyon Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity UK Tachyon is the latest technology from 1E.... 2015 Top 50
Actiance, Inc. Actiance Alcatraz Regulatory Data and Information Management USA Actiance is the leader in communications... 2000 Top 50
Allatus Allatus Unity® Regulatory Data and Information Management UK Allatus Unity®: Regulatory Reporting... 2016 Top 50
Alyne Alyne Regulatory Change Germany Note: we are also in the category GRC... 2016 Top 50
Analytic Risk Technology Cubitt Regulatory Risk Analytics & Calculations UK ART builds stress testing technology for banks... 2016 Top 50
BearingPoint ABACUS/Transactions Market Integrity & Transparency Netherlands BearingPoint is a leading international... 2013 Top 50
Catelas, Inc Catelas Holistic Surveillance Software Market Integrity & Transparency USA Catelas provides Investigative and... 2007 Top 50
CheckRecipient Enforcer & Guardian Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity UK CheckRecipient is the next generation email... 2017 Top 50
ClauseMatch ClauseMatch Regulatory Change UK ClauseMatch is an award-winning London-based... 2012 Top 50
ComplyAdvantage ComplyAdvantage Financial Crime USA ComplyAdvantage helps firms make intelligent... 2014 Top 50
Corlytics RiskFusion Regulatory Change Ireland Corlytics provides risk insight by every... 2013 Top 50
Datactics RegMetrics Regulatory Data and Information Management UK Datactics is an award-winning market leader in... 2016 Top 50
Dynamic-GRC GRC-Maestro Regulatory Change Singapore Dynamic-GRC focuses on delivering governance,... 2016 Top 50
E3 Compliance Training Online compliance training General Compliance UK E3 Compliance Training delivers online... 2015 Top 50
encompass corporation encompass confirm Financial Crime UK For banks and financial services encompass... 2011 Top 50
FeedStock Ltd Cortex Market Integrity & Transparency UK FeedStock provides cutting edge research... 2015 Top 50
Fintellix LCR NSFR Reporting Regulatory Data and Information Management India The Fintellix LCR/NSFR solution powered by... 2012 Top 50
Fintellix Regulatory Reporting Platform and Data Model Regulatory Data and Information Management India Founded in 2006, Fintellix Solutions is a BFSI... 2006 Top 50
Fintellix (Verisk Financial) ALLL-Manager Regulatory Reporting India Founded in 2006, Fintellix Solutions is a BFSI... 2013 Top 50
Fund Recs Fund Recs Regulatory Data and Information Management Ireland Fund Recs was founded in 2013 to revolutionise... 2013 Top 50
FundApps FundApps Regulatory Reporting UK FundApps makes compliance simple for financial... 2010 Top 50
HEXANIKA HEXANIKA Regulatory Data and Information Management USA HEXANIKA software harnesses Advanced Robotics,... 2014 Top 50
ID-Pal ltd. ID-Pal Financial Crime Ireland ID-Pal is a digital KYC solution that enables... 2016 Top 50
KPMG LLP K-Helix Regulatory Reporting UK KPMG's Business Technology team combine the... 2013 Top 50
KycKR Kyckr Enterprise, Kyckr Office, Kyckr Solo Financial Crime Ireland Kyckr (ASX:KYK) is a multi-award winning... 2008 Top 50
Model Office Model Office (MO) Regulatory Change UK Model Office-MO® is a first of its kind... 2013 Top 50
Nasdaq SMARTS Trade Surveillance Market Integrity & Transparency USA Nasdaq SMARTS Surveillance solutions have been... 2010 Top 50
PrivacyCheq ConsentCheq Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity USA PrivacyCheq provides SaaS solutions for... 2014 Top 50
Recordsure Recordsure Market Integrity & Transparency UK Recordsure is a revolutionary RegTech solution... 2013 Top 50
REGnosys Programmatic Compliance Regulatory Data and Information Management UK REGnosys is a RegTech platform that simplifies... 2016 Top 50
RegTek Solutions Report-it Market Integrity & Transparency USA RegTek.Solutions is the new home of the... 2014 Top 50
Resilient plc smartnumbers call recording Market Integrity & Transparency UK Resilient plc develops trusted communication... 2017 Top 50
Selified Selified Financial Crime UK A one stop ID verification service for any... 2015 Top 50
Signal Media Signal Regulation Regulatory Change UK Signal Media changes how organisations can use... 2016 Top 50
TheMarketsTrust Ratings Leopard Solution Regulatory Risk Analytics & Calculations UK Helping regulated financial institutions to... 2014 Top 50
Trulioo GlobalGateway Financial Crime Canada Headquartered in Vancouver, Trulioo is a... 2014 Top 50
Trust Exchange Trust Exchange General Compliance USA Trust Exchange helps banks and other financial... 2012 Top 50
Waymark Tech Wayfinder Regulatory Change UK Waymark Tech, founded in 2016, develops... 2016 Top 50 The Strytex Portal General Compliance Australia We do the job everybody hates. We keep all... 2017 Top 50
2 Gears S.A. Regulatory Data and Information Management LUxembourg gives Investment Fund... 2015 Directory Entry
AAAccell Ltd AI PRIIPs Regulatory Risk Analytics & Calculations Switzerland We are a leading innovation company in asset-... 2016 Directory Entry
Acin Limited Acin Regulatory Change UK Acin is the world's leading risk and control... 2018 Directory Entry
AIDA Technologies Pte Ltd Various Products Regulatory Risk Analytics & Calculations Singapore AIDA is a deep technology company focuses on... 2016 Directory Entry
Aircloak Aircloak Insights Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity Germany Aircloak Insights –quick and easy... 2014 Directory Entry
Algodynamix ALDX PI Regulatory Risk Analytics & Calculations UK AlgoDynamix risk analytics provide hours or... 2014 Directory Entry
algoreg go!vid, go!scan, go!score & go!checks Financial Crime Luxembourg algoreg is Luxembourg-based RegTech that... 2017 Directory Entry
Alloy Alloy Financial Crime USA Alloy is a service for managing the onboarding... 2015 Directory Entry
Alphametry Alphametry Market Integrity & Transparency France Alphametry is an innovative platform unifying... 2014 Directory Entry
AML Partners Surety-Eco, InSuro, Surety Turbo Financial Crime USA The only Complete AML Eco-System. The first... 2010 Directory Entry
AML Partners LLC RegTech ONE (CDD Module) Financial Crime USA RegTech ONE is a Platform that houses fully... 2018 Directory Entry
Apiax Apiax Digital Compliance Rules Regulatory Change Switzerland Apiax transforms complex regulations into... 2017 Directory Entry
Apicista Apcista Other USA Apicista is a fully integrated compliant... 2011 Directory Entry
AQMetrics Global Regulatory Reporting Hub Regulatory Reporting Ireland AQMetrics is a leading RegTech company focused... 2012 Directory Entry
AQMetrics Risk Control Market Integrity & Transparency Ireland AQMetrics are committed to offering our... 2012 Directory Entry
Aqubix Ltd KYC Portal Financial Crime Malta KYC Portal is the industry’s most advanced CDD... 2016 Directory Entry
Ascent Technologies Inc. GRC/Regulatory Change Management Platform Regulatory Change USA Ascent Technologies Inc. is a RegTech company... 2016 Directory Entry
AxeTrading Ltd AxeTrader Market Integrity & Transparency UK The AxeTrader software enables banks, brokers... 2009 Directory Entry
Axioma Axioma Regulatory Reporting Regulatory Reporting UK Axioma Reporting Solutions is designed to... 2012 Directory Entry
AxiomHQ Axiom Regulatory Change UK Achieving effective oversight and management... 2016 Directory Entry
AxiomSL ControllerView (CV) Regulatory Reporting USA AxiomSL is the global leader in risk data... 1997 Directory Entry
Ayasdi Ayasdi for Intelligent AML Financial Crime USA Ayasdi has developed an intelligent... 2016 Directory Entry
b-next CMC:Suite Market Integrity & Transparency Germany About b-next b-next is a specialist provider... 1997 Directory Entry
Beam Beam Financial Crime USA Beam uses machine learning and new data... 2017 Directory Entry
BearingPoint ABACUS/Solvency II Regulatory Reporting Netherlands BearingPoint is a leading international... 2011 Directory Entry
BearingPoint Abacus360 Banking Regulatory Data and Information Management Netherlands BearingPoint is a leading provider of... 2016 Directory Entry
BearingPoint EasyTax Tax Compliance Netherlands BearingPoint is a leading international... 2002 Directory Entry
BearingPoint FiTAX Tax Compliance Netherlands BearingPoint is a leading provider of... 2001 Directory Entry
Behavox Behavox Compliance Market Integrity & Transparency USA Behavox technology makes the full automation... 2016 Directory Entry
BestX Ltd BestX Best Execution Pre- and Post-Trade Analytics Market Integrity & Transparency UK BestX is a software company, with a simple fee... 2016 Directory Entry
BIGcontrols BIGcontrols Tax Compliance USA BIGcontrols is a business intelligence &... 2016 Directory Entry
BigID Inc. BigID Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity USA BigID’s Software redefines how enterprises... 2017 Directory Entry
BioCatch BioCatch Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity Israel BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that... 2011 Directory Entry
CalQRisk CalQRisk Regulatory Change Ireland CalQRisk is an award winning supplier of... 2010 Directory Entry
Cambridge Blockchain Identity compliance Financial Crime USA Cambridge Blockchain puts control of personal... 2015 Directory Entry
Capnovum Compliance Management Platform Regulatory Change UK Capnovum's compliance management platform... 2014 Directory Entry
Cappitech Regulation Capptivate Market Integrity & Transparency Israel Capptivate is an end to end regulatory... 2015 Directory Entry
CARDABEL CARDABEL Market Integrity & Transparency France Cardabel identifies fraud, market abuse and... 2016 Directory Entry
Chaordic GmbH CDD Hub Financial Crime Switzerland We help financial institutions such as private... 2017 Directory Entry
Chekk Chekk Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity Hong Kong Chekk is B2B2C API centric Digital Identity... 2014 Directory Entry
Clarus Risk RiskMonitor Regulatory Risk Analytics & Calculations Channel Islands Clarus Risk is a niche FinTech provider of... 2011 Directory Entry
Cloud9 Technologies C9 Trader Market Integrity & Transparency USA Cloud9 Technologies is a voice communication... 2014 Directory Entry
CloudMargin CloudMargin Other UK CloudMargin is a cloud-based, end-to-end... 2014 Directory Entry
ClusterSeven ClusterSeven Regulatory Data and Information Management UK ClusterSeven has developed a range of... 2013 Directory Entry
CME CME Regulatory Reporting Hub Regulatory Reporting UK Our cloud based Hub technology enables... 2011 Directory Entry
Coinfirm Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform Financial Crime UK Coinfirm’s Blockchain AML/CTF Compliance... 2017 Directory Entry
Coinfirm Trudatum Cyber/Data Privacy/Identity UK Documents issued by companies and institutions... 2017 Directory Entry
Compliance as a Service Ltd. Monitoring Platform Regulatory Reporting UK CaaS is a London based "RegTech" start-up that... 2018 Directory Entry
Complii FinTech Solutions Ltd complii Regulatory Data and Information Management Australia Complii is an innovative corporate efficiency... 2007 Directory Entry
Confinale AG reclaimer Tax Compliance Switzerland Confinale is an IT consultancy and software... 2014 Directory Entry
ConnXus, Inc. ConnXus Economic Impact Report General Compliance USA ConnXus supplier management solutions simplify... 2010 Directory Entry
ConnXus, Inc. ConnXSmart General Compliance USA ConnXus supplier management solutions simplify... 2010 Directory Entry
ConnXus, Inc. Registration Portal and My Supplier VMS General Compliance USA ConnXus supplier management solutions simplify... 2010 Directory Entry
ConnXus, Inc. SmartScrub and Tier 1 Reporting General Compliance USA ConnXus supplier management solutions simplify... 2010 Directory Entry